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Our-BlogDaintree Timber Gallery is a company that has over two decades under its belt, producing incredible works of art and woodware that are recognized worldwide. This blog is the online platform to offer you the best advice to work with woodcraft, bowl carving, wooden vessels, and to show you the items the company offers.

Grader operator Jake Rice decided to create Daintree Timber Gallery as a blog to make people all over the world aware of the wonders of wood and wood craft. The blog is oftentimes updated with collaborations from the company’s employees who are privy to what Daintree Timber is creating nowadays.

The idea came up after he walked into one of the shops one day and realized he could furnish his home with the items that he found at the venue. He wished that he’d know about the place earlier in life, as he could see that each piece had a quality and a uniqueness to it that he’d never seen before.

Another reason that has led us to create this blog is to talk about more historical facts regarding the timber cutters from Daintree. This is all Australian sourced and Australian made, and thus our culture is deeply embedded in each piece of woodcraft that customers and readers appreciate.

Our readers continuously offer us their feedback, sharing their experiences following our advice for working woodcraft themselves, even sending us pictures of the final result. We have encouraged them to work with Australian timbers and provide their particular pieces with a unique touch that will make them stand out.

As woodcraft appreciators, we endeavour to clarify any doubts and answer all queries to help in a more individualized way. One of our goals is to popularize the use and carving of these types of wood, as well as the mastery that is crafted by Daintree Timber.